Welcome to Rana Academy Of Science!

First in knowledge, shall be first in might!

At, Rana Academy of Science, we believe developing students’ self confidence along with a sense of responsibility, initiative and creativity. There character traits serve them well in life. With this philosophy in mind, we offer a diverse range of co-curricular activities, enabling our students to develop these essential skills and making it possible for them to achieve high academic standards.
Qualified Staff 90%
Separate Class Rooms 85%
Affordable Fee 80%
Academic History 95%
Location 95%

Working for more and different learning!

Rana Academy Of Science provides a highly interactive environment to groom children engaging them in activities that involves imagination, exploration…

Academy Fee Structure

Classes Full Subject Fee (PKR)Details
B.A, B.Sc 5000/- B.A (Eng 1500, Other Subj. 1200/-)
B.Sc. (Math, Phy, 2000/-)
Intermediate4000/- Per Subject 800/-
Matric 3000/-Per Subject 600/-
8th + 7th 2500/-Per Subject 500/-
5th + 6th 2000/-
1 to 4th 1500/-

To provide quality education to the youth of our nation in a stimulating and conducive learning environment by providing them with intellectual and technological tools necessary to meet the challenging of the future.
The philosophy of this institution is an inclusive and tolerant one, and one that appreciates diversity and stresses the importance of the opinions based on rational and informed premises rather then that of superstition, emotion and insufficient understanding of issues. Emphasis in laid on the understanding of concepts and creating a culture of thinking in the class room. Education is seen as a broad and complex process of acquiring knowledge and understanding.